Towards the center of the galaxy, exists a binary system where a desolate moon orbits a gas giant. How did Jasper, a plucky black cat, get marooned on such a strange rock?

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Jasper collects bananas (the universal currency used on the moon) by employing an antiquated rocket, which wasn’t designed for paws and is horribly fuel inefficient. Fortunately, a chain of landing pads operated by monkeys, exchanges bananas for rocket fuel.

But just how far can Jasper travel on such an alien moon while avoiding prowling flying saucers and mysterious cannons?

A kind and caring endless flyer with some nice ideas that’s great for casual play – PocketGamer

It’s part awkward endless rocketing, part delicate spaceship landing, and all adorable cat astronaut anxiety. – GameZebo

Seem rather ridiculous? Well, it is, but delightfully so. – Couch Games

  • Procedurally generated terrain
  • 120 progressively challenging goals
  • Fluid, physics based flying in either direction
  • Dreamy zen gameplay, visuals and original sound track
  • Dynamic lighting from multiple suns, a gas giant and shooting stars
  • Game Center integration with high score and best distance leaderboards
  • Ever changing weather conditions including thunderstorms, snow and rainbows
  • Beautiful nighttime flying with twinkling stars and glowing, gently swaying alien plants
  • Includes one plucky black cat, monkeys, flying saucers and timid droids in need of a lift
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